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Satish B

“Simply put, you can’t go wrong picking Sharon as your realtor / trusted advisor for your next adventure of finding the right home. I’m not a 1’st time buyer – have worked with a few realtors before and I can definitely say Sharon’s better – by a distance.

We’re really glad we picked Sharon for this big move. The home searching/buying process was a few months and during this time she gave us absolutely no reason to feel pressured or anything like that.. In fact she offered advice to consider various factors and look for options etc..
Even during closing, she’s completely on top of things to ensure that the process goes through smoothly and efficiently.

Sharon really is a thorough professional.”


“I just finished a transaction with Sharon this afternoon.  I am so fortunate to have found her.  I did my due diligence in finding the right realtor this time around.  I conducted my own research, met with Sharon and decided to have her represent me in the sale of my condominium in San Ramon.  Not only was she the consummate professional as described in another yelp review, she truly has her client’s best interest foremost.  I was amazed at how quickly she kept me informed of all the steps involved in the transaction.  All of her information and emails from others, including other agents and escrow officer, were forwarded almost in real time.  

I have dealt with many realtors within the last few years looking for a home in Danville.  When I found an agent through a referral to purchase the Danville home, I was not represented well.  In my haste, with my busy schedule and reluctance to go with an unknown, I had the same agent represent me in the sale of my parents’ home.  That was a disaster!  In the end, I had the agent’s broker represent me, but he couldn’t even recall how to pronounce my name.  The worst was when the title company or realtor (I don’t know who), left a check in the amount of $400k+ on my doorstep with no message that they had left it there.  I found the check on my doorstep in the evening when I returned home from work.  So, you can say that my purchase/sale experience of two real properties, both within the last 10 months, was a huge negative experience.  

Sharon changed my extremely negative perception of both realtors as well as escrow officers.  When I met Sharon, I told her of my bad experiences with the realtor, the broker and the title company and rather than viewing me as a potentially difficult client (which I may have done if I were in her shoes, as I am an attorney), she assured me that my bad experiences did not concern her about our soon to be professional relationship.  I was very impressed with Sharon from our initial meeting.  Her confidence, her knowledge of the market as well as her forthright manner, places her above many in her profession.  I even decided to go with the same title company that botched my parents’ sale as Sharon assured me that the escrow officer that she deals with is both professional and accurate.  She was right!

I felt extremely confident in Sharon’s hands, and I did not have to oversee anything.  Sharon took full control of the situation (consulting with me before she took action), and I was not stressed one bit during the entire process.  All I had to do was appear and sign the closing documents.  Sharon makes certain that the process is easy for her clients.  And, most importantly, she negotiates strategically and ethically.  What more can one ask for in a realtor!

Sharon is a working professional’s dream, and she will take complete care of you and your family’s needs.  She will also make CERTAIN that everything is done with accuracy.  

This transaction with Sharon, which closed today, was the most professionally handled and easiest transaction that I have experienced in a long time.  You will be very happy with Sharon if you choose her to represent you!”

John & Mollie W

“Sharon sold our home before it was even officially on the market for a great price!  Her thorough preparation/staging of the home, socialization of the listing, constant communication and commitment to our best interest resulted in the most positive real estate transaction experience I have ever had. 5 stars, no question.”

Alex & Charlie H

“Sharon was an outstanding agent. She helped us through every step of the real estate process and was very generous with her time and resources. I would highly recommend clients to her, especially those looking to buy in the San Ramon/Danville area.”

Julie & Philip K

“We had the pleasure of working with Sharon recently. We were very fortunate to find her as we were in a desperate situation and in dire need of someone who would take control of the situation. Sharon immediately jumped on board and was extremely professional from the very beginning. She was always available to us and tended to our needs with the utmost respect. She proved to be both accurate and reliable right up to the very end.

We would highly recommend Sharon and are confident you will be just as pleased as we were.”

Dan & Lauren D

“Sharon is an absolute pleasure to work with, couldn’t be happier I found her.  She helped me buy my first home and also sell it a few years later.  She will be my agent anytime I’m property searching in the East Bay.  During my purchase process we looked at cities throughout the whole East Bay (literally from Orinda to Dublin and everywhere in between) and she always had great little tidbits about the surrounding area, soil, foundations, the developer etc.  She is direct and professional and I couldn’t think of someone better to represent me during such an important process.  Whether you’re buying or selling, the escrow period can be a stressful time, Sharon allows you to lean on her expertise to help make it as smooth as possible. I can’t think any higher of an agent than I do of Sharon.  Thank you for the hard work Sharon!”

Nabil L

“Sharon did an excellent job getting to know what exactly it was that I was looking for in a house. With my busy schedule I wasn’t always able to go and look at potential homes. Sharon would visit them for me, then if she thought it was something I may like we would go together and take a look. After identifying a neighborhood that I really liked, Sharon kept a close eye and I was able to get exactly what I was looking for right when the home went on the market!”

Susan & Eugene O

“She is very responsible and well organized and very very honest”

Kaushal J

“Sharon is someone I highly recommend, (keep in mind that it takes a lot to get on my  recommendable list) focused, always prepared, no-nonsense no undue up-sell and excellent in saving time during the house hunting process,

I have interacted with multiple agents and she ranks as one of the best in the market, she knows how to use all the tools effectively & better than most others.
has been patient, but most importantly she really understood what we were looking for and helped hunt it down & negotiate a fair price that I believe was comfortable for both parties involved.  

Always prepared with the full list of comps and meticulous details on the strengths and weaknesses for a given property.”

Mark & Rachel H

“Sharon is an absolute lifesaver. We worked with Sharon for at least a year before we were able to close on a house. We ended up getting an amazing house in San Ramon and under market value.

She is an absolute ace and made every step easy for us. I was able to sign all docs from my iPhone and always knew she was doing the hard work and delivering good news at the end of the day.

She was 100% honest with us from the start. Not only a great realtor, but just an awesome person all around, cannot recommend her highly enough. Sharon was our third realtor and the first two were seriously limited. Sharon is on time, efficient and smart as a whip. When we buy another house, it will be with Sharon or we won’t buy it at all.

Perfect for first timers who are getting discouraged in the competitive Tri-Valley, we were ready to give up and Sharon made it happen. Thanks Sharon!”

Semiha & Chris M

“Sharon is an excellent Realtor!  She’s on your side, the whole time.  We sold a property with Sharon and she got us the exact type of buyer we needed:  An investor who would let us stay in the property and rent it back.  We ended up staying a year and looking for a house to buy and Sharon stuck with us for the entire time. When we reduced our budget while prices were going up, she adjusted immediately and understood how our priorities have shifted.  If you want a Realtor who is never pushy, will tell you exactly what she thinks about the property and neighborhood, will provide solutions, alternatives, recommendations etc., is smart, dedicated and has always time for you, then Sharon should be your pick.”

Glen W

“I give Sharon my highest recommendation.  

I write this review from the real estate investment point of view–Sharon assisted me in purchasing then selling an investment property in Concord.  This was my first income property–I have since bought and sold a number of income properties.  Prior to purchasing the property, Sharon showed me a number of homes, demonstrating patience with a novice investor and helping me to understand the various neighborhoods.  She also helped me to overcome various misconceptions that I had.  

Following purchase, she successfully listed the property for me as a rental.  She showed the property to prospective renters and helped me choose an excellent tenant.  Sharon did this at no additional charge to me.  Based on the substantial experience I now have as a lessor, I now fully understand how invaluable a service this was to me.

Several years later, when the same great tenant left, Sharon suggested that I consider selling this property, given its appreciation.  In the meantime, she helped me list it as a rental showing it to a number of prospective renters.  She physically walked the neighborhood, knocking on doors to find a good yard maintenance company.  She arranged for a cleaning company to prepare it for rental.  She also kept a close eye on the market for homes in this particular development–because of this we were able to piggy back off the sale of a nearby home by showing my property and selling it to a buyer who had been unsuccessful in purchasing the nearby home.  As part of our arrangement, Sharon also arranged to have my property staged.  

In other words, Sharon King is competent, professional and diligent.  She is a full service real estate agent in the broadest sense.  She gives great value for the compensation she ultimately earns. I do not limit my recommendation to investors.  Ultimately, anyone who purchases a home is an investor.  You absolutely want to have a skilled real estate agent working on your behalf, someone who will go the extra mile to make sure that things go well.  Sharon fits that description.”

Tatiana & Lane F

“My husband and I were trying to purchase our first home for over a year, going to open houses and making offers every week, until we found Sharon. We have gotten our first offer with her accepted and the deal went through as easily as it could possibly have gone through. She was there for every step of the way, negotiating on our part and making sure we were happy.
One year later we were moving out of California and we were selling the same place we purchased with Sharon. We have called Sharon and she were there for us next day, helping us with every step: setting the correct price, staging the house, getting excellent photographs done, hosting a great open house, advertising for all kinds of potential buyers, getting us help with all our tax questions, making sure the place appraised for the price we were asking, selecting the best of all the offers we received. Sharon was available at any time during any day to answer all of our questions and address all of our concerns.
She is absolute best, she knows what she is doing, she has excellent contacts, she fights for her clients, knows the stats of the area, easy to get along with and she goes above and beyond every step of the way.
Look no further! Sharon King is the best realtor in the Tri-Valley area!”

Chitra D

“Sharon is a thorough professional.  We picked her for our second home purchase, based on Yelp reviews. I must say, if only I can add additional stars to Yelp, I would give her a 10 star rating. She is very knowledgeable in details about construction, general pros & cons of the neighborhood.  In our case, we asked her to write an offer for a property, where the chance of acceptance was less. But, she presented the offer in a very professional way, with a personal touch & we saw the seller agent complimenting her effort for her client ( us), even though the offer was declined.

We had a  roller-coaster ride during our escrow period due to an unforeseen complication. Sharon was the pillar which we could count on. Her references to handyman, plumber, painter were measurable to her standards. Everyone finished their job on time & offered the services for comparable costs. We always felt like that we were her only clients. Even after closing the escrow, she took care of us by working with contractors/handyman during our absence at home.

She is upfront in her business model. She works hard for her clients and does not compromise with quality.  She totally changed the perspective of a realtor in our mind.  I must say that there is a big value of having Sharon by our side during this house purchase. With the help of Sharon, we ended up in a beautiful home, which fulfilled our complete list of selection criteria, and was within our budget.”

Ben F.

“Sharon rocks!

While most agents just show you all the new listings in the area all the time she took the time to notice the subtle differences between what sort of house I’d like to live in and what sort of house my wife would want to live in and blend the two. Not an easy task. :)”

H & Y in San Ramon

Sharon is seriously, As Good As It Gets.

I first came cross Sharon when real estate shopping in Alamo, and we had “our” agent at the time, so we didn’t think of anything. But I remembered her, and associated her name as someone who REALLY knows all the neighborhoods South to North of 680 in the East Bay. I’m talking about street traffic, commute hours, not just the typical neighborhood school ratings that is posted on a website.

Our path cross again when I was calling the “listing agent” (aka her) to ask about open house hours. We started exchanging few general questions, then led to more specific/detailed questions. Then led to a lot more question as I sifted my real estate focus away from Alamo, to San Ramon, Dublin & Pleasanton. She took the time, and patience to answer ALL of my questions. She knew I was already working with another agent and not once, did she say, “that’s something your agent can answer” and reject me away. (I have gotten a lot of those rejection, don’t-want-to-help-you-because-you-already-have-­agent Agents in the past) Her knowledge on real estate market & houses was informative and insightful. Conversing with her was like calling Real Estate hotline. She followed up with me the following weekend, just making sure I didn’t miss any listings that popped up on the market. I appreciated that immensely because our own agent would only send us listings if I request it; (if one weekend, I forget to ask, no listings would be provided.)

The calm connection & informative ease that Sharon offered made joyfully tell my husband, “Hey, I think we found our new agent to help us find our first home.”

We worked with Sharon during the very competitive market of Spring-Summer 2013.  This meant dealing with multiple bidding wars and aggressive/crazy home buyers. Sharon remained very patient and was always on her A game.  She constantly provided ideas, opinions on how to secure the property we wanted; while, most importantly, never pushing us to make an offer that we weren’t comfortable with.  

Throughout the whole process, Sharon was very professional, extremely responsive,  informative and provided quick turnaround on any questions or concerns we had.  Because of her vast experience, knowledge of the real estate market trends and network, she was able to provide us great insight and information and provide honest feedback on all of our potential properties.

Sharon is an extremely hard worker and always made herself available for us; answering calls/text/emails promptly throughout the day and working late into the night (or early morning) to prepare documents. Sending us text, to tell us that she emailed us back and more. Sharon goes far & beyond for her clients.

Not only is Sharon a great agent, she is a great person overall.  Fun, friendly, honest and caring.

Sharon’s goal is to make her clients happy – never nervous or regretful. From what we have experienced, she far exceeded that goal of an agent and we highly recommend anyone to work with her both on the buying & selling end. Especially an area/neighborhood specialist.”

Deedee F

“Excellent experience working with Sharon King!  She is very professional, knows her stuff, reasonable and communicates very well. The balance of trusting her ability to handle my transaction and being comfortable with her is what made me decide that she was the right Agent!  Plus the fact that my husband and kids love her!

I was a first time home buyer and as with any new person going thru a process for the first time, I wanted to make sure that I do have somebody who will be by side thru the process.  I did talk to quite a few  Agents and ended up choosing Sharon King.  She was very accommodating from day one…  she listened to my needs, requests and even my crazy ideas.    She was very patient in addressing all of my questions either via phone or email and she gave me time… not feeling that I was being rushed to make a decision.   I would like to share that my transaction wasn’t the smoothest one and probably one of the more challenging one Sharon handled… from repairs to negotiation to closing… none of those were within our control but I did not feel disheartened because I knew Sharon was on top of the situation…. I trusted her to manage things.   We closed within target and I now live in my beautiful house.   Our family is grateful.   I would like to add that Sharon went beyond the sale and continued to help out thru the home renovation.     To this day, I continue to consult her on things.   I feel like we started a relationship that did not stop on the Closing Date.  Overall, my first home buying experience was great and whilst I will not be going thru any transaction in the near future, I know that Sharon will still be my choice for my next house.   In the meantime, I hope that home buyers go ahead and consider her.”

Agas S

“Sharon King is an awesome agent. We did close our home and she went above and beyond to take care of us. We were super busy with our work and family life and she pitched in for us and took care of us. Without her, we would not have  purchased this home. She was like a mobile yelp helping us with contractor contacts, options and even made sure she oversees all their work till completion. I will highly recommend her as your realtor.”

Kristin & Ryan S

“Hands down the best realtor we have ever had. Sharon helped us to purchase a home in Walnut Creek. We were out of town buyers and she dedicated herself to us while we were in town and showed great patience as we wanted to see homes multiple times. We greatly appreciated her wise advice as we examined our options and appreciated her transparency and prompt communication throughout the entire process. We got the house we wanted and we had to rely heavily on her to help us with the process along the way (inspections, contractors, etc). She oversaw work, reported to us on progress, and stood up for us when it was needed. She was always there for us no matter what time and made us feel like we were here only client. She far surpassed our expectations of what to expect from a realtor and we will without a doubt use her again!”

Brian & Julia R

“My wife and I just closed on a home in Dublin and couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received from Sharon King.  Our search for a home lasted 8 months and the entire time Sharon stayed patient with us, was highly available, and was super pleasant to work with.  

Sharon’s professionalism, knowledge of local market history and trends, and excellent advice helped us find the perfect home for our family.  She communicated with all parties involved and kept everyone on the same page, which was key to closing escrow on time.  

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sharon to anyone looking for a home in the Tri-Valley area.  I can’t say enough about Sharon.  She’s a rock star and it shows.”

Jason W

“I had the pleasure of recently working first hand with Sharon and she is a top notch Realtor with an amazing ability to connect with people with a caring and patient attitude.

In a very difficult real estate market where anything can happen Sharon King is a true pleasure to work with.  I would not hesitate for even a moment to give her my highest recommendation and refer to her for all of your Real Estate questions in the East Bay Area.

You would be very wise and lucky to align yourself with a great professional like Sharon as I have.”

Ran & Wen G

“2 condos and a couple of years later we are still friends. That speaks volumes to what a great Realtor Sharon has been for us, super fast with all the paper work, always honest and looking out for the best interest of her client. She does deals big and small, and treat you with equal professionalism.

What more can I say, the next house will be with Sharon also!”

Amrit Lalchandani

“Hi Sharon, First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your immense help & support in the sale of the Mandy Way house. The best decision that we made was to have you represent us in the sale of this property. I truly appreciate all your effort with the detailed co-ordination to make this sale happen in a period of 3 weeks. Thanks again for everything that you did for us during the last few months.”

Jeff M

“After dealing with a number of pushy, rude, and out-of-touch agents, I was starting to become jaded to the entire real-estate world. My attitude completely changed, though, when I met Sharon King. She is a consummate professional! She is knowledgeable, personable, and it’s clear that her client’s needs are her top priority.

As a first-time home buyer, it was a constant struggle to find something to fit my budget. Sharon stuck by my side the entire time when I was pursuing a condo that was a complicated probate sale. During the court auction, Sharon’s presence put me at ease, and her guidance made the process much less stressful.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone interested in buying a home, and especially to those who are first-time buyers. I appreciate her honesty, professionalism, and overall commitment to excellence! I can’t say enough good things about her!”

Gabriela & Sergey Y

“My husband and I were extremely impressed with how Sharon stayed on top of everything, down to the smallest detail. From the drive through the neighborhoods to the closing everything went smoothly. We had to do a lot of paperwork remotely and simply would not have been able to accomplish it without Sharon’s help.  She went far beyond of what her responsibilities of a real estate agent would be. For example, she has a lot of connections with the construction contractors in the area and she was very helpful arranging for all necessary upgrades and repairs in the house after closing. As a matter of fact, she is still helping with recommendations and research on small home improvement things and furnishings. All in all, she is very professional, personable, with great attention to detail and punctual. We would highly recommend her.”

Jeannie Huang & Edwin O

“Sharon is an amazing agent! I would recommend her to anyone who’s interested in purchasing a property in this area. She is extremely knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods. My husband and I were very particular about what we were looking for and Sharon was very patient while analyzing the pros and cons of each property we viewed. We both have a hectic work schedule so many times we had to communicate with her late at night or on weekends. She was very accommodating. She made us feel that she always had our best interest in mind.”

David Zhang

“Sharon is extremely responsive and highly knowledgeable. We really appreciated the opportunity of working with her. Thanks to her hard work we were able to successfully close escrow on our condo!”

Zijiang Yang

“Sharon is a really nice person. She is extremely patient and knowledgeable of her job. I will definitely recommend her for any first-time buyers since she is a person you can count on.”

Ben & Tricia Rorhs

“Sharon was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process of buying a home. We were first-time buyers and she was always patient to answer our questions, even in the evening after normal work hours.”

Kevin & Simi Murphy

 “Sharon was a incredible agent! First time home buyer and she made the process as easy as possible. I will recommend her to anyone.”

D & S Korn

“Professional and personal – great service.”

H & S Blumenfeld

“We went through 5 real estate agents as first time home buyers and when we found Sharon King we could finally drop our guard and focus on what we wanted and not what the real estate agent wanted for us.  Her communication style worked well for us.  She listened a lot and made very little suggestions. And after a few days when she did make a suggestion it ended up being this house that we’re living in right now.  I’ve been living here for a month and a half.  And as someone who has moved 30 times, I can honestly say, this is exactly where I want to be.  Sharon was patient with us and paid equal attention to what I wanted as well as my husband.  I am one happy client, and am grateful for her services.”

L Miller

“Very professional and explained every detail of the sale process. When I was over-loaded/emotional about the sale, she gave me pros and cons for my situation. I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone that is needing to sell their home or even purchase a home. She created a positive situation and always checked on my status/process and gave me expert advice. I would not have put my home up for a short sale, if I was not completely informed of all my options from Sharon. I can’t say enough about her knowledge and professionalism in position as a realtor.”

M Lorenzo

“My experience was EXCELLENT, she’s an AMAZING Real Estate agent!!! I would highly recommend her services to anyone I know. Very professional and experienced real estate agent.”

Kevin & Simi Murphy

“Sharon was an incredible agent! First time home buyer and she made the process as easy as possible. I will recommend her to anyone.”

L & A Swain

“Making the decision to sell our home was not easy. We were very under water with our home and I had only heard bad things about short sales and foreclosures. We interviewed 4 different realtors before putting our house on the market. Every realtor had a good pitch but none of the others were quite like Sharon. Sharon acted more as a real-estate consultant as oppose to an agent. She kept our best interest in mind throughout the whole process and was incredibly patient and supportive. She had many creative angles to help us get the most of what was left in our home. Sharon was always prompt. She treated us as if we were her number one priority. Every time I called Sharon she answered which is rare. She has an incredible knowledge for the latest real-estate trends in this constant changing market. Sharon also brought with her many outside resources that made our sale incredibly easy. We got weekly updates on how things were going and she followed up with all realtors that showed our property. I would recommend Sharon to anyone. I am hoping that we will someday again be able to buy and I look forward to having Sharon represent us on the other side of that real-estate transaction”

Mike Parent & Tricia Yeap

“Sharon, Now that we are beginning to get a little bit settled we wanted to make sure and thank you for your help getting everything done in such a short timeframe. We appreciate all that you and your teams did to help us get this done and get us into our home and not have to scramble to find other solutions as our home was being sold. We may have been stressing at times with certain things being out of our control and the uncertainty up until the 11th hour and you all came through in the end. We just want to make sure you know that all you did to help us is greatly appreciated.”